Griselle shallot sets

Griselle shallot sets
Griselle is an authentic hibernate variety of French origin, to be planted in the fall between October and December. Griselle is early and produces pear-shaped shallots with strong, grey-coloured skin. The variety can be grown on any soil type and is suitable for short-term storage into winter.

Griselle is a healthy shallot

Griselle (Allium oschaninii) is called 'the one and only shallot'. The long bulb species originally grew wild in Central Asia. This shallot is a chefs dream and is known for an extremely delicate taste. It is a bit milder than a regular onion. The shallots are healthy and contain more vitamin C than regular onions. Griselle is also rich in calcium, axioxidants and vitamins A, B & E.

Griselle: a seasonal treat

But not only that, Griselle is also a farmers dream. Griselle is an undemanding crop and it provides good yields. But keep in mind: French Greys are a seasonal treat. If you want a storage staple, then choose Dutch shallots.

You can order a minimum of 500 kg Griselle shallot sets.

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