Southport White Globe onion sets

Southport White Globe onion sets

Southport White Globe is medium-early and is originally from the Netherlands. This onion is also known as 'Silver Ball' and 'White Rebecca', thanks to its white colour skin.

Southport White Globe is very suitable for the production of spring onions and produces round onions with an average neck and a strong skin. Southport White Globe is suitable for any soil type, but not for long-term storage.

The Heirloom vegetable is named after the town Southport in Connecticut (United States). It is located along Long Island Sound between Mill River and Sasco Brook. In the early days this was an agricultural epicenter, known as the Onion Capital. Millions of onions were exported, including the famous Silver Ball.

The onion is perfect for salads and cooking, thanks to its mild and crisp flavour.

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