Red Karmen onion sets

Red Karmen onion sets

Red Karmen is a variety in the late segment and is originally from the Netherlands. Red Karmen is the most popular red variety in the hobby sector, because its strong skin makes this variety very suitable for small packaging as well for long-term storage. It is a great onion for the beginner gardener.

Red Karmen produces round to flat onions with an average neck and a deep red to purple colour. The bulbs have an attractive red color. These onions not only look nice, they also have a wonderful spicy taste. That's why they are a great addition to every salad. Red Karmen is suitable for every soil type, but perform at their best in well-drained and slightly acid, fertile soil in full sun.

We can ship a minimum of 500 kg to you. Plant the onions in the early spring. Press the sets into the soil about a couple of centimeters apart.

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