STUTTGARTER Stuttgarter Riesen onion sets

Stuttgarter Riesen onion sets

Stuttgarter Riesen (Allium cepa) is in the late segment, is originally from the Netherlands and is traditionally the most grown and most famous variety in the hobby sector. It is an old and familiar species.

Stuttgarter Riesen - as an onion set - has a beautiful round shape, and once fully grown, it is a strong, flat onion with yellow skin and an average neck. The bulb size is between 14 and 21 millimeter. Stuttgarter Riesen is also the most suitable onion for growing spring onions. Under the right circumstances, Stuttgarter Riesen is suitable for long-term storage.

Chefs love this Stuttgarter Riesen onion, because the slices are big and round. The yellow slices can be eaten raw, but it is also possible to cook or saute them.

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